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Background Verification

Although most businesses have high standards, they also are challenged by limited resources. In addition, they frequently need to move quickly when the time comes to make a hire. Yet each applicant and employee adds business and security risk.

Fortunately, performing background checks on applicants and employees is an effective way to discover potential issues that could affect your business.

We offer compendious array of Background Verification & Screening Services i.e. Employment Background, Professional Reference, Criminal Court Background, Address Verification, Educational Qualification, Financial Credit, Identity Proofs, Address Proofs, Risk & Crime Databases, Drug Test & various checks as per the business needs.


Domain Proficiency

Epicenter’s proficiency & expertise in the field of background screening is derived from an in-depth knowledge of related laws /regulations and the screening environment prevalent in the region.

Credence Establishment

Right hiring establishes credence among its employees & clients and empowers them to gain the confidence to associate with the company.

Increase Efficiency

Increase in efficiency and productivity through hiring employees with good work habits, attitudes, policies and practices that makes the business flow more streamlined.

Protect Brand Value

Background Screening mitigate the risks of severe implications for reputation and brand of a company by negating from indecorous employees.

Prevent Frauds

Prevention is better than cure as it's easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. Background Verification helps in filtering such frauds right before you hire them.

Enhanced Employee Excellence

Background screening helps in filtering the finest employees which results in better quality of employees with enhanced operating efficiency.

Obviate Litigation & Lawsuits

With unimpeded screening, the risk for hiring employees with an existing criminal record is quite possible leading to serious hassles for any business.

Process Orientation

Our methodology is based on best practices supplemented by constant innovation to address a rapidly changing risk environment.

Safe Work Environment

With thorough verification on a person’s background, business place can provide a safe work environment as any offenders can easily be found out.

Customized Solutions

Epicenter’s screening solutions provide maximum flexibility by offering solutions that are customized to match your organization’s unique requirements.

Increase Performance

The right pool of talent provides a guarantee on all the necessary performance indicators following out in higher results for any business.

Protect Profitability

Bad hiring hurt a company by affecting its overall profitability & the costs associated with it are a loss for the company defying money generation.

Actionable Reporting

Our processes are subject to stringent quality controls to ensure complete integrity of information verified. Every Epicenter report is structured to ensure facts are accurately collated and comprehensively reported.

Time and Cost Optimized Solutions

Epicenter offers cost effective solutions with an assurance of Service levels which helps organizations take informed and timely decisions that complement its hiring process.

Employee background verification is serious & critical as companies opt to mitigate risk, make safe work environment, prevent frauds, establish trust & protect company brand value and profitability. Companies should screen candidates at all level, including part-time workers & senior management.

Why BGV @ Epicenter- How it Started.

Epicenter was conducting background verification for all the on-boarded candidates through different Vendors. In 2018 December we came across a case where the operations team highlighted a Candidate's detail to HR for distrusted behaviour. HR team decided to do further check and first looked upon his BGV report, the report received from Vendor 1 was Green/Verified Clear, still as a part of further exploration one of the HR Team member did Internet searches and found him to be linked in numerous crimes which was published by several reputed and most trusted newspapers.

As an eye-opener Epicenter decided to re-share the same case with all other registered vendors, we received the report as “Green/Verified Clear” from Vendor 2, 3 and 4.

As things were equivocal we started to investigate it with our Legal partners to manifest and shared the candidate’s information to them, upon which we received the candidate to be a part of multiple crimes and has different cases registered under his name, which turned the candidates BGV to “Red/Major Discrepancy”.

When we questioned our vendors, it was very easy for them to say that it could have been a miss from the legal team.

As a service provider it impacted our Business drastically and we could have lost the Client. Hence, we decided start our own vertical doing background checks to mitigate the risk of such instances for self and others Clienteles without compromising on the Service, Quality and TAT.

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