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Manage Your Accounts Receivables –

Epicenter handled 60% of a $2+ billion collections portfolio for a fortune 500 company—and collected over $2.1 billion!

Improve the Bottom Line

Epicenter has helped clients save millions of dollars through high-quality collections that consistently exceed performance metrics.

Manage Your Accounts Receivables
Epicenter was founded in 2001 with collections as a core competency and has managed receivables for clients in credit card, telecom, utility, retail, and other industries.

How Epicenter Excels

Slide 1 Optimization
Our operations delivery methodology is achieved through process reengineering and ensures high productivity, higher agent utilization and improved customer satisfaction. Closed-loop performance management processes and quality systems are all designed to improve operational efficiency lowering our Client’s total cost for the project
Slide 1 Innovation
Epicenter believes in constantly staying ahead of the market by creating support strategies. We raise our bar by constant innovation and benchmarking with world class standards. Our creativity and passion for excellence lies in all our processes and developments. Our solutions and value-adds together increases the Return on Investment for our Clients and reduces the operational costs.
Slide 1 Tools and Applications
Epicenter has made significant investment in “best in breed” technology & tools like Verint and Nice used for call recording, AVAYA ACD’s, Aspect UIP dialer’s etc. In addition to this, Epicenter has an in-house software development team that can develop and maintain custom application and tools which helps in bringing performance improvement and efficiency in the system.
Slide 1 Recruitment
Our recruitment team focuses on vendor partnerships, branding and advertising as well as direct sourcing methods to ensure we tap appropriate talent for our hiring needs. A comprehensive triple layer interview comprising of Recruitment, Operations and Voice and Accent checks ensure appropriate fitment, prior to rolling out offers.
Slide 1 Business Continuity Planning
It is generally recognized that Business continuity planning is vital activity. However, the creation of (and maintenance of) a sound business continuity plan, is a complex undertaking, involving a series of steps. Prior to creation of the action plan, we have considered the potential impacts of disaster and understood the underlying risks. These are the foundations upon which a sound business continuity plan is built. Following these activities the plan itself is constructed. This plan is then maintained and tested to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of the organization. Factoring in impacts, probability and history of occurrences of disasters we have the listed vulnerability chart

All call centers are vulnerable to various risks such as emergency outages, volume surges, closures etc. which are micro monitored by our dedicated Business Process Risk Management team which highlights and suggests immediate corrective action in case of any incidence. In case of a rare understaffing issue or volume surge we would run an effective overtime strategy for the day or rotate staff from an outbound program to ensure our service levels do not slide. In case of any government strikes or closures we have adequately had our staff stay back at the office premise to ensure their safety and continuity of business. Our Dual Diesel Generators, UPS back up and server backups ensure we maintain our uptime at 99.99%

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About Us

Epicenter is a leading provider of Business Process Management Solution’s, founded in the year 2000 and began its operations in 2001.

Epicenter has Core Competence in processes like Customer Service, Collections, Sales, Transaction Processing, Data processing, Chat and E-mail support. Epicenter provides best-in-class call center operations that reflect the "Client Standard" in terms of high quality customer service while minimizing cost through efficient management of processes, procedures and technological infrastructure.

With developed capabilities in managing critical end customer transactions for our clients, we believe that every interface with a customer is of prime importance. A company that believes in efficient management of processes and developing long-term strategic partnerships, our prime focus is to effectively execute any work given to us with high quality of service delivery. This coupled with stringent adherence to data security guidelines and privacy requirements makes us a partner of choice for our clients.